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Thursday, August 7, 2014

MyFootballNow Version 0.2 Released!

It's hard to believe that it's been a full year since we publicly released our online pro football management simulator, MyFootballNow.  As we enter the 2014 football season, we are also excited to announce the release of Version 0.2!  As existing leagues complete their current seasons, they will be rolled into the new version after the End of Season stage.

Version 0.2 features a handful of bug fixes, including some game rendering errors.  But the most exciting new feature we are announcing is the ability to create game plan rules!

Game Plan Rules: Amazing control over the plays that are called

So, what can you do with a game plan rule? When you set a rule, it will be considered before your regular game planning options are looked at.  If a play is selected from your rules, that will be the play that you run.

You set conditions based on the down, distance, location on the field, quarter, and score.  If you are setting a rule on defense, you can also set a condition based on the offensive personnel. Then you choose the weight of each play parameter, much the same way that you do in the regular game planning screen.

One of the most obvious uses for game plan rules is going for it on 4th down - until now, the only time your team would go for a 4th down conversion was if they were in hurry up at the end of the game. Now, you can set specific conditions where you want to go for it instead of punting or kicking a field goal.

Once you've created a rule, you can save it (to use in another league), deactivate it (which will prevent it from being used, but retain it in your list), as well as view the plays in your playbook and the probability of each play being chosen based on the rule.

We're excited about this new addition and hope you have fun with it!